Working with a Contractor

download-2With so many construction experts out there, it can be hard to decide which one to hire. All in all, the most important thing is to ensure that the contractor you choose has a professional approach to their work. This includes providing the necessary qualifications, insurances and references that you can check. Any good and reputable tradesman, running their own business will be proud of their work and their reputation with previous customers. To that end they should be only too happy to provide you with the documents and contacts you request in order to check their suitability for your own project.

Protecting Yourself & Your Project

Whilst your chosen builder may provide you with excellent references, you should still seriously consider protecting yourself in the legal context. Along these lines, if a worker gets hurt on your venture, you won’t be at risk. An agreed contract between yourself and your chosen contractor protects both parties. Contractual agreement on costs, payment schedules, start and completion dates for the project, materials and insurances to be undertaken could all be included. As already stated a professional contract worker will understand that the contract will protect his own business interests as well as your own and should not be unduly concerned at legally agreeing to the scope of your project before accepting the work.

download-3You will need some form of project management to keep things on track. If you are confident in your own abilities you can assume the PM role yourself. If not you could also consider hiring a skilled construction project manager to do this work for you. Either way a project plan will be required to coordinate and align your resources. This will ensure your project progresses in a logical and timely manner. If you are less experienced in the building trade you and are managing the build yourself you could also consider meeting with your various trades people to help you produce your project plan. Your chosen workforce should have many years combined experience and will no doubt have insights and valuable input that will help you.

Hiring a Contractor for Property Building


While hiring a contractor or established building company to take care of house/property building projects for you, may seem like the ideal solution it can be fraught with ongoing issues and problems. You may believe that the company you have hired will be taking care of everything for you, however their opinion of their obligations may be very different. There are many roles required to successfully complete even a small scale project. It is wise to take some time aside before you commence with your new build to define the project to a level of detail where you can clearly see all of the elements and roles that could be involved and required.

Construction Project Roles & Responsibilities

Here is a list of roles you can consider. It is a point of note that some of these roles can be combined and the list is not exhaustive, it is provided as a starting point for consideration.

  • Project management
  • Building plot finders
  • Planning permission specialists
  • Insurance advisors
  • Legal advisors
  • Financial advisors
  • Architects
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Site foreman
  • Trades people & contractors (ground work, bricklayers, roofing contractors, joiners, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, window fitters, flooring, painters & decorators, landscapers etc).
  • Waste management
  • Facilites management

downloadAlways remember that building a house is not a quick and inexpensive task. It is usually your own money that is at risk. Time delays will cost you money from your total budget  and can severley impact your ability to complete your project. Employing the wrong trades people and not seeking the correct advice at the outset will end up having a negative impact on your house building project in the long term. Understanding roles and responsibilities is crucial. You will however find that you can accomplish more in the long term with regards to your construction through taking some time to evaluate everything before you start. Whilst this may even delay the start of the build whilst you define and recruit for every position it will definitely be worth the effort.